Why create a space for meditation?

Beginning a meditation practice can feel challenging as we try to fit it into our already busy lives.  To successfully incorporate it into our day we must first create space for it. In our schedule of activities and  responsibilities, we must make room to nourish and reset ourselves. This will then help us move through our days with more ease and clarity in everything else we do.  

It is also incredibly helpful to have a physical space for your practice.  In our homes the kitchen is set up to store and prepare food, the office to work, the bedroom to sleep, and so on.  Just as it is important for each of these things that we do everyday to have a specific area, it is essential to have a space set aside for your meditation practice.  A place you arrive every day, so to establish a routine. 

How to create your own meditation space:

1) Find a quiet place in your home, where you are not likely to be disturbed for your chosen time of day.  

2) Foundational elements to include:

  • Cushion for seated support (a bench, chair, & blankets can also be used)

  • Small table for elements that aid in setting an intention for your practice and cultivate present awareness.  So no matter what you are doing or thinking before your practice, you are able to bring your focus to the task at hand… your practice. 

  • Additional elements you would like to add to your space...

    • Small cloth for your table, brings a softness to the area

    • Crystals for cultivating positive energetic qualities to the space

    • Wall art of a  mandala or grid for central focus, or inspiring words and images

    • Qualities of fire/transformation, such as  a candle or incense.  

    • Sage or Palo Santo wood to clear energetic space.

    • Small statues that bring peaceful feelings… these are personal to you

    • Add a PLANT; a growing earth element to bring  life to your meditation space. 

    • Meditation tools; such as mala beads, singing bowls, tingsas, teachings, & inspiring images.