Kids & Teens

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Mindfulness for Kids & Teens 

Mindfulness, yoga, and meditation practices can help children and teens develop concentration & focus, self-awareness & self-confidence, as well as help them to develop tools to create calm with themselves and techniques to deal with difficult emotions.

Each child is different, as well as their current needs, so we offer youth programs that are geared towards recognising the uniqueness of each child. Each session will utilize an integrative approach of games, art, gentle movement, calming breathwork, and relaxing meditation to address their individual needs and interests.

How to begin: Schedule a complimentary 15 minute session to meet our Youth Coach, Delia Zarate, to find out more about the benefits of this program and how the sessions can most benefit your child.  Contact at:


 What we offer:

Individual sessions:  1 hr / $75

Small group (2-4 students): 3 - 1 hr / $100 per child