Yoga Classes



Mindful Yoga with Amanda

Thursdays & Fridays
7:00 - 8:15am

Saturdays & Sundays
11:00am - 12:15pm

During this 75 minute class you will stretch and strengthen the body while bringing the mind into a meditative state.  The  practice begins with 15 minutes of breathwork and meditation followed by an hour of mindful asana to bring ease, flexibility, and strength into the body.  This class encourages all of yogis to find their own practice on the mat through this guided sequence. 

All levels and ages are welcomed!

Teacher: Amanda Brutus-Phillips

Series Classes


Ashtanga Yoga: 



A traditional practice to create a strong body and a calm mind.


6 week series: 

Wednesdays 5-6:30pm
January 3rd - February 7th

Cost: $85

Ashtanga is an ancient system of yoga that unites breath, focus points, and postures to create a concentrated meditative self practice. The practice is done with a set series of postures learned gradually over a period of time, in vinyasa style, creating internal heat to purify the body, improving circulation, for strong body and a calm mind. This class will sometimes deviate from the traditional sequence of the practice so come with an open mind and heart.

** Appropriate for someone new to the practice or those who are looking to refine or recommit to their practice. 

Teacher: Lisa Tendler


Yin Yoga & the Meridians


6 week series:  

Mondays 5:30-6:45pm

January 15th - February 19th

Cost: $85

Meridians are the channels that energy  flows throughout our body.  When there are blockages in these channels impeding the flow, imbalance arises and when they are clear, open, and energy flows freely, balance is achieved.  These channels are not open space, they lye in the connective tissue of the physical body.  Yin yoga consists of passive postures that target this connective tissue and sequenced in a way to open the flow of specific meridians.

Join Lisa Tendler for a 6 week journey of opening your energy pathways through this deep & meditative practice. Each week  will focus on a different main energy channel to help you learn and experience how to specifically target the Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney, Bladder, Spleen, and Stomach meridians.

Teacher: Lisa Tendler


Monthly Classes


Restorative Yoga with Thai  yoga assists

Sunday January 28th


Cost: $20

Restorative Yoga is considered the “antidote to stress.” A way to truly melt away the tension in your shoulders, back, and hips built up by chronic stress and general tensions created as we move throughout day.  

You will be lead through a sequence of postures designed to move your spine in all directions, while every curve of the body is completely supported by props, and enjoyed for 5-20 minutes.  As your body is being opened by the position of the pose, a Thai yoga-style assist of gentle pressure and palming of the energetic pathways will enhance the release by creating more space and guiding the body into a deeper state of release.  Please wear comfortable clothes. This class is great for ALL LEVELS. 

Teacher: Jessica Bowles